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Last Updated : 08 Aug 2019

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Fogging Services in Medan

Fogging is the use of pesticides in the form of ULV or ULD. ULV and ULD are short for Ultra Low Volume and Ultra Low Doses. These terms refer to the size of the particle droplets produced. The micron size particles produced vary from 5-50 microns. If you live in Indonesia, you will find that mosquitoes are everywhere around us. According to the World Health Organization, diseases caused by mosquitoes affect more than 50% of the global population. Mosquitoes are very common in Indonesia so sometimes we ignore them. But did you know that a large number of people around the world face health problems or deaths from mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and Zika virus?

PT. Pir Jaya Perkasa understands the dangers of mosquitoes, which is why we provide assistance to you with Fogging Services in Medan.

Our Fogging Service in Medan is one of the most requested services from PT. Pir Jaya Perkasa. Thermal fogging can be done to remove adult mosquitoes, which means there is a high probability of breaking the breeding cycle.

Professional Fogging Service Staff in Medan PT. Pir Jaya Perkasa fumes mosquitoes at the right time when they are active for effective control. We usually carry out mosquito fogging services at night where mosquitoes are in the most active conditions.

In general there are 2 types of Fogging Services in Medan: water-based thermal fogging and diesel-based thermal fogging. Water-based fogging is almost odorless and does not stain misty areas. This type of fog is mostly used indoors because we want to avoid odors and stains on the skin, food, tables, etc. It's also lighter and spreads faster, so there won't be any odor or stains left in the room.

Diesel-based fogging is the opposite of water-based fogging. This is because diesel-based insecticides have odors and leave stains on the surface after the area is foggy. However, diesel-based insecticides are not as easy as water-based insecticides, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Even in adverse weather conditions where there is rain and wind, these insecticides will survive.

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