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Insect Control

Last Updated : 31 May 2019

Services Description Insect Control

Insect Control

Pest control is a pest control measure that is a business process to reduce or kill a variety of insects and pests that are intrusive or destructive nature that is not desirable either in the environment household, industrial or commercial.

Insect Control, controlling the development of insect pests flying and crawling (fleas, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and ants). Conducted among others by:
a. Application of spraying for all indoor and outdoor areas
b. Fogging application of all indoor and outdoor areas as well as to puddles


Pests that are subject to control are as follows:
Flying Insect, including:
Mosquitoes: All types
Ticks: All types
Flies: All types

Crawling Insect, including:
Cockroaches: All types
Ants: All types

Mice: All types

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