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Last Updated : 31 May 2019

Services Description Fumigasi


Fumigation is a common chemical treatment known as one of the plant quarantine treatments against the carrier media of plant pest organisms by using fumigant inside airtight gas chamber at certain temperature and pressure. Fumigation is typically done on objects in a closed room and fumigation is maintained within a certain duration of capture. For objects that are stored for a long time, fumigation is done periodically.

The type of official fumigant that is often used CV. A.P.A that is:
Methyl bromide for non-food commodities.
Hydrogen phosphine for food and plant commodities.
Sulfuril fluoride is an alternative to metal bromide for pest control in the warehouse.

Fumigation Work Implementation includes:
Isolation of objects by closing the object using a PVC sheet / plastic cover.
Gasification object by dose according to object type. CV. A.P.A uses medicinal forms of Methyl bromide, Phosphine hydrogen (PH3) and sulfuril fluride for fumigation and quarantine purposes. Fumigation for the purpose of treatment of various types of commodities in warehouses or silos can also be performed using phosphine.
Face / closing of objects for a maximum duration of 5-7 days.
Aeration 30 minutes - 1 hour.

Benefits of Fumigation:
Reaching pests to a high level
Your commodities will last longer when stored in the warehouse because pests such as rats and termites will be controlled so as not to damage the goods.
Minimize losses obtained because the commodity goods stored will be able to survive long to the destination and not damaged by pests.
Meet the phytosanitary requirements of export destination countries. The exporter will receive the fumigation certificate as proof that the consignment has received fumigation treatment.

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