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Building Pre Construction

Last Updated : 05 Mar 2018

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Building Pre Construction

Termite control is the activity of controlling the activity of termites. There are currently two ways of controlling termite activity:

Chemical barrier
The entire building is protected by termiticide (anti-termite pesticides) on the building footprint. Parts of buildings made of wood soaked or sprayed with termiticide solution. There are two ways of chemical barrier application:
Pre-construction: application on the ground begins before the foundation construction until the installation of the building floor. Wood building materials soaked or polished with a solution of pesticides.
Post-construction: the application is done on the finished building. The building floor was drilled to inject the termiticide into the ground along the foundation of the building. Parts of wooden and unpainted buildings are either polished or sprayed with a termiticide solution.
Eradicate termite colonies using bait containing termite metabolism-disturbing material. This method is curative. Feeding will be effective if it has been found by a wandering path or termite nest. There is no residual effect on the baiting. Termites may reappear because of the inclusion of other colony members lodged in neighboring land, or there is a male and female pair of laron from another site that succeeds in forming a new colony
Chemical barrier blocks the movement of termites to a protected location. This method is effective as a precaution and is performed before termite attack actually occurs. The use of termiticide does not directly eradicate termite colonies but inhibits their motion. Soaking or spraying wood surfaces with termiticide also protects the wood from attacks by other wood destroying insects, such as dried wooden dried beetles or wood powder.
Baiting aims to obliterate the termite colony so that the location around it is completely free from the presence of these insects.

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