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Chemical PREMISE 200SL Anti Rayap
Chemical PREMISE 200SL Anti Rayap
Chemical PREMISE 200SL Anti Rayap
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Specification of Chemical PREMISE 200SL Anti Rayap


Chemical Pretreatment Premise 200 SL Termite is a clear yellow water that dissolves in water to control termites and wood powder beetles, works slowly so that it allows termites to contact these termiticides and will infect other termites in the colony to control the entire colony. It has a unique work method where termites will die when exposed to recommended doses, while at lower doses it causes termites to be easily attacked by soil microbes and eventually die due to Premise 200 SL Termites. With the Premise 200 SL Anti Termite, termites when through the applied soil do not feel and realize so that they will contact the Premise 200 SL Termite and eventually die. 200 SL Premise Anti Termite with an average dose of 1/10 of other termiticidal doses has been able to effectively control termites. Premise 200 SL Anti-Termite is soluble in water and does not contain oil, making it safe for operators and homeowners. Residents can enter the house immediately when the application is complete. 200 SL Premise Anti Termite is not easily washed or carried into deeper soil layers, so it can protect buildings longer. When applied it will spread in all directions in the soil and will provide even and continuous protection. Active ingredient: Imidacloprid 200 gr / ltr Net content: 250 ml NOTE: SPECIAL SALES OF MEDAN AREAS AND SURROUNDINGS

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